Isaar Trust is an international charity working selflessly (hence the name ‘Isaar’) to help humanity deal with its numerous poverty related problems, issues and concerns. In the absence of good governance, the state and condition of poor communities continues to decline and ultimately begins to impact upon others too, whether it is through crime, moral impediments, socially, politically or economically. The society at large has a duty of care and responsibility towards others in need if we do not then we begin to lose our moral and social status as human beings.

Isaar Trust was registered as a UK Charity with the charity commission (registration number 1124048) and Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee with companies house (registration number 06528648) in 2008.

Isaar Trust works to alleviate poverty, according to its ability and resources, in areas and situations where the people cannot support themselves and there is an absence of good governance. Our work is mainly focussed upon education of young poor needy children.


Main Objects and Activities

  • Establish Education Projects for the Poor, Needy and Orphans Globally.
  • To Advance in Life and Relieve Needs of Young People, both Able Bodied & Poor Disabled/Blind Children.
  • Humanitarian Basic Needs Provision (Food, Shelter, Clothing, Medical Care, Water) as and when Required Occasionally in Emergencies.
  • Empowering & Campaigning on Behalf of the Poor.
  • Develop Partnerships Amongst Individuals and Other Charitable Bodies for the benefit of the poor.


Areas of Work

We endeavour to work globally to help as many people and communities as possible based upon our ability and resources irrespective of gender, race or religion. Places of work in which we are working or targetting include mainly Asia, Africa and Europe.


Administration Costs

To maintain our 100% donations policy whereby all monies received reach the poor and needy, we cover our administration costs by a number of means and methods such as :-

  • Sponsorship by Businesses, Individuals, Partners & Sister Organisations
  • Recycling Projects
  • Tax Reclaim on Gift Aid Donations
  • Donations In Kind



Isaar Trust is governed and operated by a team of volunteers which includes a board of trustees, management team and project managers sub-divided according to location, project type and need. The volunteer team comprise professionals, businessmen and skilled individuals from various communities, and is open to any dedicated individual who wishes to serve their community on an ongoing basis.

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