Collaboration, partnership development and cooperation is a core outlook of charitable organisations by nature as well as pro-actively promoted and encouraged by divine and humane ordinance.


As part of this cooperative worldview and outlook·we look for opportunities to work with like-minded organisations on needy projects, which will help to build bridges between people and communities, as well as ensure efficient delivery of goods and services to the poor and needy globally.


Examples of organisations, bodies, schools and institutions we have or are currently cooperating with include :-


  • Bolton Horn of Africa
  • Dedza Welfare Trust
  • Isaar Trust Pakistan
  • Minhaj Welfare Foundation
  • Families Relief
  • Ummah Welfare Trust
  • Muslim Hands
  • Thinkers Forum
  • Tameer e Millat School
  • Yasin Public School
  • KIRF
  • Morning Star School
  • Hira School
  • Open Hearts, Open Minds
  • Oldham Unity
  • UK Scouts
  • WDM
  • Oxfam


We always operate within the law wherever and whoever we work with, and do not support any illegal activities directly or indirectly.